When you are paying for freight, you should be confident knowing your carrier invoices are checked for accuracy; your liability is verified and you paid the lowest legal rate. You should expect that your discounts and accessorial charges are applied properly to your invoice which is then cross referenced for previous payment. This complete and accurate data must then be compiled into a usable format to make informed freight decisions.

Unfortunately, in-house staff may not have the expertise and time to properly process freight invoices and provide summarized reports. This can lead to errors, over payments and poor freight decisions. These problems will result in increased freight expenses and reduce your bottom line.

TRANSCORP is your solution to reduce freight expense. Our staff of transportation specialists combine computer expertise with state of the art technology to provide pre-audit and freight payment services that save you money on your freight bills.

Transcorp summarizes all your transportation activity into a data retrieval computer system or customized reports, and will assist you in analyzing your transportation needs. TRANSCORP will provide you with all the information you need to make profitable freight decisions.

The TRANSCORP team has what it takes to pull it all together, whatever the job, budget or deadline demands. We guarantee absolute satisfaction to those we serve. Our strategy is based on the premise that information is power, control and cost savings. TRANSCORP is your breakthrough to reduce transportation costs.



     •Cross Reference carrier invoices with bills of lading

     •Verify client liability

     •Complete audit of rates, discounts, classifications and accidental charges

     •Pay only legal rate allowed

Freight Payment

     •All data input and captured into our system
     •Duplicate payments eliminated
     •Calculations are computer verified for accuracy
     •Flexible carrier payment schedule
     •Freight bills sorted down and returned with your payment voucher
     •Standard end-of-month reports supplied

Inquiry Service

     •We handle all inquires from client and carrier for payment information or status
     •No questions are ever refused

FBI - Freight Bill Inquiry

     •PC system for your office
     •Updated regularly by TRANSCORP
     •Immediate access on your desktop to bill of lading and freight bill status
     •Year-to-date cost division and carrier totals at your fingertips.

Domestic & International Freight

     •Ocean or Tanker
     •Truckload or LTL
     •Small Package

Other Services

     •Post audit
     •Loss/damage claims system
     •EDI Air Audit & Payment Program


Data Processing Reports

    •Design custom reports tailored to your management needs
    •Choose from extensive selection of additional reports
    •Provide and isolate any data necessary to make informed decisions
    •General consulting to prepare summaries and make recommendations

Mainframe/PC Formats

    •EDI Capabilities
    •Telecommunications access
    •Hard copy reports
    •Combination of formats to respond to varying needs

Ease of Transition:

    •TRANSCORP will have your first payment processed within 10-30 days of start up
    •Complete review of your requirements
    •Obtain necessary information supplied by your company
    •Input and verification of all data provided
    •Notify your carriers of the start date of new service

Let Transcorp show you how our custom auditing, payment and reporting services will translate into better control and higher profit margins for your business.

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